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Challenges Against Social Justice

Big challenges against social justice are multiplying fast.  The political scene in the USA is now recreated as a new and more powerful form of reality TV, with Donald Trump as star. Almost every long standing belief and value that supposedly underwrites American democracy is now literally ‘up for grabs’.  But Trump didn’t do it [...]

March 23rd, 2016|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments

Why Social Power Is So Important

As we begin to move through the New Year it is natural to wonder about what kind of year we will experience in 2016, and also to reflect on 2015 events----where it seems we witnessed increasingly violent and difficult events---migrations caused by war, killings of young black men, among other events---resulting from complicated problems that [...]

February 2nd, 2016|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments


“WE NEED A NEW KIND OF SOLIDARITY” If we are going to make social justice work in this 21st century, we will need a new kind of solidarity. To understand differences between the old and the new, it’s helpful to review and understand the kinds of solidarity that we are already familiar with. The best [...]

December 7th, 2015|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments


“Social justice is a political philosophy that values equality and solidarity”.[1] This seemingly simple definition of “what is social justice?” gives us critical insights into how the question is more complex, and also more important than anticipated.   As this definition points out, it is a political philosophy; but its two components---equality and solidarity---demand much more [...]

November 13th, 2015|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments


We all have heard the phrase ‘social justice’ and seen questions about this phrase quite a bit these past few weeks, particularly in terms of the migration ordeal playing out from the Middle East to Europe, and certainly during the Pope Francis visit to Cuba and the USA. So, it would be expected that someone [...]

October 9th, 2015|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Collective Altruism vs Violence

To be effective at creating the social change we want and need, it is necessary to become better aware of the connections which pull us together; only then can we cooperatively foster and nurture these same connections. At the same time we must also become better aware of the violence that divides us, identifying and [...]

September 15th, 2015|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments

Using New Social Movements to Organize

This morning I was sitting reading my local newspaper, wondering how best to start my Social Power Blog. And there it was---the main editorial. The headline was: “State caught in a cycle chasing crisis after crisis”. It enumerated how, due to insufficient dialogue and planning, the State and its politicians are forced to jump from [...]

August 4th, 2015|Social Integrative Power|0 Comments

How to Really Change Things: Part II

President Obama is right---sympathy is not enough! The necessity to really change things, not only in terms of racial injustice, but also in terms of the racial terrorism suffered by African Americans, has tragically now been fully demonstrated. The murder of nine upright citizens while praying in a church in Charleston, South Carolina not only [...]

How to Really Change Things: Part I

The May 4 blog suggested that criminal justice system reform to create greater racial justice will be useful and necessary; but it will not be sufficient. On the other hand, ‘reinventing social institutions’ through a new type of community organizing may sound overly challenging or contentious to consider. For example, working with an ordinary understanding [...]

June 12th, 2015|Social Integrative Power|2 Comments

Racial Injustice, Poverty Eradication, and Community Organizing

The recent death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland, USA while in police custody follows similar, well publicized events in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, and South Carolina. We are sick at heart to learn of another African American young man whose life has been ended violently and prematurely. Columnist and resident of Baltimore, Jennifer [...]