"Crises abound and solutions remain scarce as we begin to
make our way through the 21st century."

"Many of us realize that we should be concerned and even
frightened by these predictions, but with a slight shrug of the
shoulders, most of us say to our selves, "What can I do?""

"Social justice has a long history of diverse use,
and certainly inspires controversy amongst scholars."

"This book challenges the popular perception that poverty reduction,
global warming, and securing the peace are to be primarily addressed
by political and economic change."

"Social, political, and economic divisions are intensifying worldwide,
and the limitations of simply using political threat or economic coercive
power are becoming all too apparent."

"Deep participation’s potential to assist groups maneuvering through
difficult times has positive and far-reaching implications."

"Our new 21st-century new social movements…require a more durable
and cogent solidarity."

Quotes From Social Justice and Deep Participation